The charcoal oven is a very useful, versatile product that can, unlike other kitchen elements, operate without electricity or gas. It can be used in the kitchen and anywhere else where energy sources, such as gas and electricity, are inaccessible. It is an ideal product for outside catering, as one oven can feed up to 150 guests. It is also suitable for preparing all kinds of meat, vegetables, potatoes, bread and desserts, such as croissants, cheese and mushrooms; in short, it can be used for starters, main dishes and desserts. All you need is a charcoal oven. One filling of approx. 5kg of charcoal is sufficient for approx. 8 hours of baking. It is possible to bake on two levels, i.e. on two solid stainless steel racks, at once. The racks comprise side and rear fences preventing food from falling. A solid, insulated door is very easy to open and includes a display of the current temperature in the oven. At the bottom of the oven is a stainless steel pull-out tray, which collects ash that needs to be removed after use. At the bottom of the oven and in the chimney are dampers used for regulating air inlet and temperature inside the oven. The oven is very solid and rigid, since the cover is made of 5mm boiler plate, which can bear a heavy heat load. The 5cm-thick insulation enables extremely low heat loss and long-lasting performance with one filling. Due to a specific flavour of charcoal baking, we recommend it to everyone who wants to offer their guests something more and save energy at the same time; the charcoal oven consumes much less energy compared to other ovens.