Our development department prepares technical documentation of all components, which is the base for further production work. All components are first constructed with the use of 3D modellers, which gives us the possibility of analysing the product prior to the production.


Our warehouse always holds all the raw material necessary for smooth and timely production work.


Sheet metal cutting is carried out on a laser cutter that provides unlimited possibilities of making cut-outs of various shapes, up to – 0.03mm accurately. This is reflected in the high precision of the final product.


Bending is performed on the latest CNC-steered machines with pre-determined bending programs. This enables high precision of reproducing semi-finished products which is reflected in the high-quality of the final product.


Welding of semi-finished products is done according to the “TIG” and “MIG MAG” procedure. It is carried out by welders with many years of experience
and with the help of specially adopted preparations and tools.


In assembling individual parts into a whole, we use individual spot welding with Argon-cooled electrodes. For welding of sinks or pools we use uninterrupted spot welding for the production of water-tight welds.


Polishing is carried out by hand or machine, using a wide variety of preparations and devices in different stages, from rough to final surface finish, which in most cases is SB 320.


In the assembly process, all prefabricated semi-finished products are assembled into one whole. In addition to basic components, we install also all gas, electrical, and control components.


After completing the production the products are tested, and tightness of gas lines and components is checked. Correct operation of electrical components
is checked and technical as well as aesthetic flawlessness of product is verified.


Products are packed in an airtight and waterproof foil with protective corner elements that effectively protect products against damage during transport.