The company Gazi was established 20 years ago with the passion for design and production of innovative catering equipment that does not replicate others, but paves the way to the unseen, creates new approaches, and introduces specificities of different world cuisines into the classic kitchen. In the development and production we are focusing on the reliability, energy efficiency and simple use and cleaning.
Our key advantage over our competition is the fact that our customers get more for their money. It is not difficult to make a good product for a lot of money, the real challenge is to make high-quality and modern product for a very affordable price. And this is our strong suit. We are able to adapt our production to individual wishes and needs of our customers.
Our products are used in many restaurants and kitchens in different institutions and organizations all over Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Italy. In 2016, we are launching our sale in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, and Sweden.


With our team we are providing comprehensive services, from analysis of customer`s needs and wishes through design, production, and installation to a high-quality and reliable after-sales support. We are building our relationships with customers on the foundations of responsibility and reliability.

o-nas-thumb-41. Satisfied clients

o-nas-thumb-72. A desire to have a new kitchen = a desire to optimise the working environment

o-nas-thumb-23. Analysis and recognition of the client‘s needs and wishes

o-nas-thumb-54. Conceptual planning and project coordination

o-nas-thumb-85. Production, testing of the manufacture quality

o-nas-thumb-36. Optimisation and guidance

o-nas-thumb-67. Installation, testing, order proofing.

o-nas-thumb-98. Training

o-nas-thumb-109. Service and maintenance